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"Thank you so much, Christina, you and your team put the heart into my home, I loved it before, I love it even more now that you have styled my home.

The children all love their rooms, if we ever need a change or move again we will be in touch."

Mr and Mrs Moore, Client

We bought a house in FLORIDA!

!!! ☀️US Last week we closed on our dream sunshine home with the amazing help of Christina & Lionel of the Dore Global Team. We decided last year whilst in the first lockdown that it was something that we definitely wanted to do & reached out to Lionel who introduced us to his wife Christina & talked about what it was that we wanted from a home there. Our plan was to wait until we could go over, meet up and go look at some houses, but as the months went on & the market was changing we made the decision to buy virtually putting our total trust in these guys.... we couldn’t have made a better decision, we were in constant contact and fully kept up to date with everything from start to finish. We’d done some research into the process of purchasing a property in the US but that literally just skimmed the surface & both were happy to inform/educate us on everything & more on what happened next or what we needed to do as overseas buyers. Christina went above & beyond for us in every way, I’m sure she doesn’t sleep! I guess the sum of it is, if you want to buy property out there not only do you need the right house BUT you need the right team & Christina and Lionel are the A team & we cannot thank them enough for helping to make our dream come true!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ If you want any more info on our experience please.... ask away!!

Scott Rutherford

Christina is very professional and really looks out for the client, I appreciate and value her services!

Paula Grant-Gonzalez

Thank you, Christina, without your persistence we would have waited for paperwork and sat with a timed-out contract.

.....YOUR AMAZING! We really appreciate all your help, we would be lost without you guys. We both appreciate all your support and hard work.

Mr and Mrs Rutherfords

Thanks for all of your help Chrissie I really do appreciate your time and patience with us!

I will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others.

Sharon Persad

Dore Global Team has helped us every step of the way, from advising us what to do inside the property to make it rentable, from finding us tenants during this difficult time.

I would highly recommend them, because of professional, responsive, good value, and good quality services.


Christina is an extremely dynamic realtor.

She is adept at navigating the complex real estate market, smoothing the bumps for us. She is highly professional. Christina looks out for the interests of her clients above all other considerations. She takes the time to explore all options and do in-depth searches of properties to ensure the perfect match! Her communication skills are unmatched in my experience. Her integrity in the real estate business is unquestionable!

Jessica Falci-Peña

I am not going to use the typical recommendations for realtors.

My focus of this recommendation is to highlight wonderful personality traits of Christina. Her focus is on you and your happiness. I’m talking from personal experience. It was clear that her focus was not on the commission that she could earn. I was looking at a property in Florida at the wrong time. The property market was booming. There were many cash buyers that were outbidding the average Joe like me. However, Christina persisted in the right price bracket, in the right location that my family and I was delighted with. Needless to say that we have now become good friends. She has a wonderful family and I hold them all in high regard.

Property & Expat Tax Tips – Simon and Louise

Christina was great to work with.

A true professional. You are in good hands with the Dore Global Team!

Carl Riechers

Chrissie is an amazing realtor to work with!

She is knowledgeable and always available when needed. Thank you for all your help on a smooth closing!

Joanne Vicioso

"Your property was placed in the best location we could have wanted, close to all the amenities, yet very quiet and peaceful.

The hot-tub was a joy to get into after a long day. We will definitely be recommending your place to others."

Mr and Mrs Corbett, Client

"Your property was fantastic, we enjoyed the pool, the hot-tub and the bbq.

The games room is a great idea for families coming over on holiday."

Mr and Mrs Whitehead, Client

Chrissie did a great job keeping me informed and comfortable during the whole selling process and picked a good title company too.

Thanks for making this fast and easy.

Richard Polk

Christina and Lionel were fantastic!

They sold our house in a short time, achieved an excellent price, and guided us through the process which only took four weeks !!! Highly recommend.

Nev and Ann Davenport

Thank you for all your hard work.

You are a gift from God and he is blessing you for who you are. You took away a lot of stress with your kindness.

Sherrie L Carrico

"Thanks for the amazing transformation you achieved in my two-bedroom flat.

It looks fantastic and I know that I will now have no trouble in letting it out in the New Year. I will also be recommending your services to my family and friends. Many Thanks again for all your hard work and the professional but friendly manner in which you carried it out."

Mr M Francis, Client

When I was looking for an apartment for college Christina really helped me out in finding the perfect place.

Jacob Matthew

"I was able to sell my property within 2 weeks of you and your team de-personalizing it for me.

You did a wonderful job. Thank you for introducing home staging to me."

Mrs Singh, Client

Christina was fantastic to work with.

As a fellow realtor, we can say she knows her stuff. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with her again.

Peter and Traci Pranter

From the moment we reached out to Christina and Lionel, they were extremely helpful, answering our many questions regards the process of buying a holiday home.

It was great to have such a knowledgeable couple essentially hand-holding us through the entire process. What impressed us most of all was the speed at which they got things done. They are extremely responsive to messages and worked tirelessly to get us the best deal on our property (even better than we thought we could get). They were even responding to messages on a national holiday! They made sure we were kept well informed on every step of the process and it really felt like you had someone on your side making the whole journey stress-free. They are also well connected in Orlando recommending us some fantastic Project managers who they trust will be as attentive as them. Even after closing they were still on hand to offer advice on our new property, offering up locksmiths numbers and checking we'd managed to get services set up in our new villa. In short, we highly recommend using them!

Daniel and Leanne Kilroy

"We had been looking to rent a place for 4 months.

Your property is just the ticket, really well presented, clean and well maintained. You should have seen some of the places we had visited; some people really don't seem to have any idea of presenting their homes. We were pleased to be able to rent the place within a week of our first viewing. Thank you"

Reg and Brothers, Renters

I have known Christina for 6 years.

She is a capable, honest, and caring person of great character. I have no doubt she will do everything within her power to find you the home of your dreams. Please treat her right. She is a gem. FYI: She likes it when people are honest & upfront with her.

Margie Berry

Lionel and Christina were wonderful to work with they sold our condo in one day and closed within 2 weeks.

Would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs an experienced broker.

Carmen G.

Christina has been not only a professional but a caring person, who is supportive, knowledgeable, knowing when to advise, and knowing when to let her client make their decision.

She is always punctual, does not rush the appointment time, and is aware of all details of the property you are looking at. She makes herself available for your time and goes beyond the client-agent relationship. She is always one step ahead of you and has the answers almost before the question. Without a doubt, she is one of the best. I only hope more like her will find their way into this market.

Kevin & Mother

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